Sunday, August 26, 2007

Video of Hurricane Katrina in Slidell, LA

This video of Hurricane Katrina was shot by elad29, posted on YouTube. This video was shot in Slidell, LA. Slidell is a suburban community east of New Orleans and closer to the eye of the storm. It was hit really hard by Hurricane Katrina. This is what it looks and sounds like to be in a hurricane:

Viewing it on video still pales to the comparison of actually being in a major storm, seeing and hearing what's on the video, and being afraid the structure you're in is going to come apart and harm you, or wondering if it will flood or if the big tree in the yard will end up across your roof.

Here is a book of many more pictures: Hurricane Katrina Picture Book
by Jeffrey Morgan

Many people chalk up the 2005 hurricane season, and hurricane Katrina in particular, to global warming. I'm a scientist and this is one of the topics I keep up with and have done so for 25 years. Humans only account for about 5%-10% of the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are in our atmosphere. I'm not saying this is a license to go out and produce more carbon dioxide with abandon. We are only stewards of this planet, and we should do everything we can to protect it's natural balance in every area. But to blame these hurricanes on the short period of time man has had an impact on the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (since the industrial revolution) is naive and dangerous.

Please visit later posts for more of the story of what happened to New Orleans, why it flooded, and why there was so much human suffering and death.

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