Friday, September 21, 2007

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath Slide Show #2

Slide show presented by lilspoiledazn on YouTube. Video caption:
"A clip of the tragedies from Hurricane Katrina"

I watched and posted the slide shows and the video today, and I'm still heartbroken about this tragedy. Two years later, I can't look at these pictures and not cry. Maybe that's a good thing. I didn't feel anything for so long. I didn't grieve for the loss of the city I used to call home from 1977-1985, the city I graduated high school in and the city where I had family ties and old friends until 2005.

I didn't look at any picture of Katrina's aftermath for two years after I'd spent so much time going back and forth between Baton Rouge and New Orleans to help my mom move.

The saddest thing about these pictures is that after two years so many of the houses in so many neighborhoods are still in shambles. Their owners will never return. The current New Orleans population is about half of what it was before Hurricane Katrina. I don't believe it will grow much beyond that unless the levees, flood walls and hurricane protection systems are brought up to withstand a strong category 5 hurricane. I had thought about moving to Metairie to be more accessible to my potential client base. But I'll never move farther south than Ascension Parish now. It's just too risky.

See more pictures in the Hurricane Katrina Picture Book by Jeffery Morgan

Breach of Faith: Hurricane Katrina and the Near Death of a Great American City
by Jed Horne.

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